Tom Mattox

Permanent Stellar Star 2018

2002- Tom Mattox is remembered as the teacher who introduced thousands of dancers to West Coast Swing during the 25 years he taught dance in Southern California. He was 20  when he started his dance career and soon became one of the most sought-after young teachers in Southern California. He was one of Skippy Blair’s protégés. She once said, “Tom always stood out from the rest because his sandaled feet were always in perfect foot position.” Tom appeared on multiple T.V. shows, “Le Disco”, including two of Dick Clark’s American Bandstand midnight specials. Tom opened Sundance Studios in 1977. In 1984 he moved his classes into several nightclubs and the campus of Cerritos College. He then formed the Sundance Dance Club. Tom loved to party and create parties for dancers. Many of today’s well-known dancers were participants of Tom’s “everyone can and should dance” and have a good time.