Skippy Blair

Special Achievement 1996

Lifetime Achievement 2018

Skippy began teaching tap dancing at the age of thirteen. For twelve years, she was a choreographer and dancer on TV with the Al Jarvis “Let’s Dance Show”; Bob Barker’s Truth or Consequences; Barker’s Varieties; and Kastles in the Air. She also appeared with Larry Kern in the movies “Queen of the Stardust Ballroom” and “Tales of the Hollywood Hills.”   Known worldwide as the Teacher of Teachers, Skippy, 94years young, communicates with the world on a daily basis imparting her wisdom and joy. She provides clarity to any given topic on dance. Skippy has been training and certifying champion dancers and teachers for over sixty years. She is the founder of the Golden State Dance Teachers Association® and co-founded the World Swing Dance Council. She conducts Dance Intensives at her home in Downey and receives enthusiasts from around the world.   Skippy has written seven dance text books – including Disco to Tango and Back, Dance Power, and The Dance Terminology Notebook. She is author and developer of the Universal Unit System® and Dance Dynamics®.   Skippy is so much more than the sum of all these parts. She is a brilliant light, shining like a diamond, while she delivers gold to all who have been lucky enough to learn from this incredible woman of dance.