Sharlot Bott

Rising Star 1993

Shining Star 2002

Couples Induction 2016 with Wayne Bott



Sharlot Bott has been a champion dancer for 3 decades. She is one of the longest running champion dancers on the West Coast Swing circuit. She is known for her classic, sophisticated, and elegant west coast swing style. Today, she serves on the Board of Directors for the California Swing Dance Hall of Fame. She is Chief Judge for Atlanta Grand Nationals, and is a Master teacher and Judge and for many Swing Events and for Skippy Blair. She is married to Mark Scheuffele, together they continue to dance, teach, judge and serve on Swing Dance Organization Boards and committees. Inspired by the movie, Saturday Night Fever, Sharlot studied and competed on the Hustle circuit in 1978, 79, and 80.  She began swing dancing in 1982, taking lessons at Sundance Studios in Downey, while maintaining a full-time career with Southern California Edison. Sharlot was recognized for her natural talent for body movement and musical interpretation as well as the gift of athletic ability. She studied and refined her natural abilities, spending time learning to dance from a variety of top coaches, teachers, and mentors. She began her competitive partnering career in 1984, training with Aerial coaches, while taking other dance disciplines including Jazz and Ballet. With only 2 years of swing dancing, in 1985, Sharlot and her partner, Jim Fisk, won the U.S. OPEN SWING DANCE CHAMPIONSHIPS Showcase Division. Sharlot studied the elements of teaching in the early 90’s with Skippy Blair. She received certification through GSDTA Golden State Dance Teachers Association.  She and her partner and husband, Wayne Bott, began their dance career in 1992.  As partners they competed and won numerous National Dance Championships.  In 1993 they began to travel the US dancing, competing, performing, judging, teaching, and influencing the masses.  Wayne and Sharlot produced 13 West Coast Swing videos.  These videos have received wide spread interest and praise throughout the world. Sadly, Wayne Bott passed in 2008.  In 2012, the videos were retired and are now offered on Sharlot’s YouTube channel to allow the west coast swing community a means to learn from the past. Sharlot social danced for 8 years outdoors at Disneyland’s Carnation Pavilion, exciting public spectators who loved to watch her dance with social partner, Randy Albers, to live Big Bands. It was this activity where Sharlot’s creativity soared. From 1986 to 1991, Sharlot partnered with Lance Shermoen. They trained on aerials with Carter Lovisone and with coaches such as Skippy Blair. They performed at Country Clubs, on Cruise Ships, Company Parties, Swing Events, Parades, Retirement Communities, at local charity events, and at the Feather Awards.  Together, they achieved 2 US Open Showcase titles.  Sharlot was part of the  early influence of the crossover of Swing Styles; West Coast and Dallas Push. In 1992 Sharlot partnered with Wayne Bott, she added travel to New York bringing West Coast Swing to the East Coast Swing community, along with adding Atlanta to her travels in the early 90’s contributing to the merging of Shag and West Coast Swing styles. During this decade, Wayne and Sharlot were training, mentoring, coaching, and influencing the stars of today, such as Jordan and Tatiana, Kyle and Sarah, Jessica and Parker just to name a few.

Awards & Accomplishments:1985,1986 – 1stplace Showcase Division US Open Swing Dance Championships- 1987, 88, – top five Showcase Division –1990 – 1stPlace Showcase Division –1990 – Feather Award Recipient Best Showcase Female Dancer – 1993 – Rising Star Inductee California Swing Dance Hall of Fame. 1990–Performed Dancing and Aerials in the John Travolta Movie, “Shout”-1993 – Classic Division New York American Swing Dance Championships-1994 – Certified GSDTA teacher-1995 – Innovation Award GSDTA-1990- 2005 – 1stPlace Jack and Jill Professional awards throughout NASDE and Swing circuits-1994 – 2004 – 1st place Classic Division Awards.-1995 – 2005 -2012 1stplace Professional Strictly Swing Awards-1997 – 2ndPlace “Superstar” Division US OPEN Swing Dance Championships-1989, 2002, 2004 – 1stplace Phoenix Champion of Champions-2001, 2002, 2004 – Shareholder/Board member US OPEN Swing Dance Championships –2002,“Shining Star” Inductee California Swing Dance Hall of Fame-2005 – Inspiration Award GSDTA-2005 – World Swing Dance Council Hall of Fame Inductee-2008 – 2017, Strictly Swing Titles with Mark Scheuffele-2016 – “Couple” Inductee with Wayne Bott– California Swing Dance Hall of Fame