Parker Dearborn

Rising Star 2012

Shining Star 2018

Parker Dearborn began swing dancing at age 14, while living in Tuscon Arizona.  Parker partnered with Tatianna Mollmann when they were 14 and competed in juniors at USA Grand Nationals. Parker garnered numerous titles in the Showcase Division.  He was an active competitor achieving notoriety at an early age at many Swing Events throughout the United States, eventually becoming a Champion West Coast Swing Dancer. Parker, with partner Jessica Cox achieved success winning and placing in the Showcase Division for several years. Today Parker is partnered with Melissa Rutz and together they are a spark of energy and dynamic action and reaction, while maintaining a strong historical west coast swing presence in their dance. Parker is known for his traditional west coast swing style using closed position circular and slotted moves and adding creative footwork. Parker has kept his swing dancing close to the roots of swing while also bringing his style to the popular swing generation in a new and creative way. He has a passion for west coast swing and is motivated to support and promote its direction, history and roots. Parker runs the long standing NASDE event, SwingDiego. And his monthly West Coast Swing Dance, “Project Swing” in San Diego. He is a teacher, judge, emcee, and promotor. He was in the movie, Love-n-Dancing.  He has raised money for the California Swing Dance Hall of Fam