Lynn Vogen

Rising Star 1990

Permanent Stellar Star 2008

August 29, 2006.  Lynn’s passing denotes the passing of an era for me.
She was an integral part of our dance troupe in the 1970’s.  Lynn did
an endless variety of shows as Buddy Schwimmer’s dance partner.  Lynn
and Buddy were a vital part of our teaching team in Dance Camps, the
Golden West Ballroom, and, of course, our studio.  She & Buddy opened a
studio together in 1978.  In 1983, Lynn opened her own “Lynn Vogen
Dance Studio” where she built her reputation for teaching children,
building a legacy of young people who were trained to “Dance to
Express – Not to Impress.”

It was at this studio where Lance Shermoen became involved in a routine
that would span 16 years. “Band Stand Boogie” was performed at each
of Lynn’s shows, featuring Lance with a different set of girls each
year.  Lynn wanted all of her girls to experience the various lifts and
drops that were sprinkled throughout the jitterbug routine.  Lance
loved working with Lynn and her kids and never missed a show in all
those 16 years.

Lance wrote about Lynn: “She was an unbelievably giving person to
everyone around her, and especially the dance community.  Thousands of
children and young adults will always remember Lynn because of her
unique approach to teaching dance, acting, and voice.  She did not just
put on a “recital” –  She created a unique and loving musical
theatre – for children and adults.  Lynn gave me some of my greatest
dance memories.  I will miss her dearly.” – Lance Shermoen

Lynn was quite a performer herself and took 2nd place at the US OPEN
with Larry Kern in 1984 and 1987, and with Lance in 1991.  Far beyond
performances, she will always be a part of our close “dancing
family.”  Lynn was always one of my favorite  “kids” and that
will never change.  God Bless and keep her in Your care.
Much Love, “Mother” Skippy