Kenny Wetzel

Golden Star 1992

Permanent Stellar Star 2018

2000- Kenny Wetzel was bigger than life. As a teenager in East Saint Louis, IL. He was known as the “King of Flying Lindy” and  St. Louis Shag.” In the 50’s Kenny moved to Glendale, CA with his family. Here he met many Swing dancers and started teaching for Arthur Murray. Kenny excelled in Swing and Latin, winning many dance contests, including the Harvest Moon Ball.Kenny hosted dances and was one of the first Club DJ’s to spin records. His popularity soared in the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and 90’s at the Water Wheel” the “Ivanhoe Lounge” the legendary “Staircase” in Downey, the Lion D’Or, and finally the Press Box, where he created the epicenter of West Coast Swing dancing in California.As a DJ, Kenny read the room, and like a maestro, played the right number at the right time. He was a natural comedian and entertainer. His Press Box was to dancers as Rick’s Bar was to Casablanca. Kenny encouraged and coached young dancers preparing for the U.S. Open where he emceed for 18 years. They say no one is irreplaceable. They’re wrong.—there is Kenny.