John Lindo

Shining Star 2018

John Lindo is an international West Coast Swing Champion, competitor, teacher, coach, judge, chief judge, and DJ. He is known for his energetic style and exciting leverage moves. After beginning in country-western dance in 1992, John Lindo quickly made his mark on the West Coast Swing circuit by garnering an astonishing number of awards and championships in Jack-and-Jill’s and Strictly Swings. John is sought after internationally for his experience, teaching, and charisma.  John, originally from New Jersey, producers The Liberty Swing Dance Convention in New Jersey.  He moved from New Jersey to Northern California in 2012. John is a strong supporter and generous contributor in the West Coast Swing community. In 2018, John was inducted in our Shining Star Category. That same year, we thanked him for his generous donation to the California Swing Dance Hall of Fame sponsoring the medals in the Golden Star category. He truly is an individual who gives back to his community with grace and humility.

John has assisted the World Swing Dance Council with points tracking for a number of years. He volunteers on committees and is always ready to solve and resolve issues with diplomatic charm. He is a huge supporters of our Juniors. John is a self made entrepreneur and natural leader. He is well respected and sought after in his many roles. He travels the world spreading his knowledge and entertaining dance style. He is soon relocating to Houston where he will continue to teach classes and positively influence the West Coast Swing Community.