Jerry Dawson

Nova Star 1994

Shining Star 2012

Permanent Stellar Star 2016

Jerry Dawson attributed his love of dancing to his mother who encouraged him to take dance lessons at age 13 in St. Jo, Missouri. Jerry worked his way through college, University of Missouri, by teaching dance at the Arthur Murray Studios. In the 1990’s Jerry was introduced to, fell in love with, and became a master of West Coast Swing. Jerry soon became President of the West Coast Swing Dance Club and played a significant role in the growth of the organization. Jerry taught dancing at many venues during the past 20 years. The last 15 years he taught at the Mecca of West Coast Swing – The Press Box in Westminster, until the day he left us. We are fortunate for the time he graced us with his ability and enthusiasm to share his dance knowledge and skills, because, as he would tell his students, “Dancing is my Life”.