Courtney Adair

Rising Star 2018

Courtney is one of West Coast Swing’s current Champion and Classic Division dancers. Living and teaching in Northern California with her partner and Fiancé Sean McKeever. Together they dance in Classic Division, consistently placing top 5 at the US Open, along with other National/International Competitions. Courtney regularly finals in Champion Jack and Jill and Champion Strictly Swing contests with her creative and unique style, and engaging personality and smile. Courtney is a choreographer, teacher and coach. Her newest endeavor is to inspire and train the youth of Sonoma County with a new teaching program, bringing West Coast Swing to young adults and children. A local country dance hall was her first exposure to dance. After her first West Coast Swing lesson she became enthralled with the dance’s musical interpretation and freedom of the improvisational style and practiced at home for hours on end. Her 16th birthday present was her first private lesson with Kelly Casanova. After high school, dancing was put on pause as she worked towards her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology at UC Davis, but she jumped at the opportunity to participate in a special and formative Mia Michaels intensive during one of her school breaks. In 2007 she became partners with Edwin Li for 3 seasons of routines coached by Kyle Redd and Sarah Vann Drake. By the middle of 2010  Courtney and her future Fiancè, Sean McKeever, began collaborating and debuted their first Classic routine at Swingtime in the Rockies that year. By 2011 they made their first US Open Classic finals. In the 8 years following, they have built a consistent and successful career: traveling 40 weekends a year spreading the dance all over the US and to at least a dozen countries all over the world. They have placed in the top 5 in the Classic Swing division, Jack and Jill’s Strictly and the NASDE points competition, as well as providing choreography for some of the top Rising Star and Juniors routine competitors.