Christopher Dumond

Nova Star 2018

Christopher Dumond is a dancer most known for his West Coast Swing dancing which he started 10 years ago. He first starting dancing in Hip Hop and Ballet when he was 10. Once he moved to the Schwimmer’s studio at 13, he began training in Contemporary, Jazz, Ballroom, Latin, Tap, Night Club, West Coast Swing, etc. Chris has been doing routines since 2008 with his first appearance at the US Open that year. In 2012 and 2013 he won in the Young Adult Division at the US Open. Once he moved up to Classic he has made finals every year he has entered at the Open and even placed 5th in 2016. He has won numerous JnJ’s, Strictly’s, and Routine divisions at multiple events around the world. By age 19 he had already traveled to 5 different countries teaching and competing at local communities or big budget conventions. Apart from dancing, Chris is also a self-taught musician and has been playing guitar since he was 16. He has been able to transfer some of that to music editing for routines. For example, he was able to almost create a song from scratch because of the things he learned through his music studies. The only thing he didn’t create were the piano and the vocals for the routine he competed the 2016-17 season with. Aside from creating his own routine songs he has cut many routine songs for couples ranging from Pro/Am all the way to Classic and Showcase. Being a junior in the community has really motivated Chris to give back to the youth of this dance. He is the co-sponsor for the Joy Award at the US Open and goes out of his way to teach and coach the future of this dance.